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Before fixing the leaking toilet, you should also understand, what was the reason behind it. So you can take care of those problems next time, it will also save a lot of your money and time.

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Reason For Leaking Toilet?

A leaky toilet is always a headache for homeowners. A toilet leak can be developed internally and externally. Both types of leak can create water damage in your bathroom. Also, this kind of leak ends up wasting a lot of your water.

We will go through, what are the common causes of a leaky toilet in Bozeman homes what you should do when you encounter a toilet leak.

Reason of Leaking Toilet

1) Crack On The Tank Or Bowl

Cracks develop in toilets over time. At first, it starts with a hairline crack but after some time it can be bigger and water starts leaking from it.

2) Rusty Pipes

Rusty pipes are also one of the reasons for a leak in your toilet. Old pipes can rust over time, it also creates a crack in the pipe. Due to cracks in the pipe water start flowing outside and you will notice a water leak.

3) Worn Out Seal At The Base

Sometimes you will notice the water is coming out from the base area of your toilet.

It might be because loose or worn out parts that bind your toilet to the floor.

4) Loose Or Worn Out Tank-To-Bowl Connections

In most of the homes tank and bowl, two pieces of the toilet are present. With the help of different materials like gaskets, nuts, and bolts these two parts are bound together.

If any of these two parts come loose, or any gaps develop, it creates the leak.

5) Improperly Fitted Flush Valve

So far we have only seen the factor which can create an external leak in the toilet. But how you will identify the interior leak?

There are a few things you can look at to find the interior leak issues. If you notice a constantly running toilet, or it is making any dripping noise, this could be a problem with its flush valve assembly.

Typically instances this can trigger water to enter the overflow valve and continuously replenish in your tank.

6) Worn Out Flapper

Another reason we can say for the internal leak is worn out flapper.

Because of mineral that buildup on the flapper contributes to wear and tear. The flapper can block the water flow in the tank from entering the bowl.

In case that part is worn out it leads water to continuously leak into your bowl.

7) Faulty Float

A hollow ball present in the toilet tank, that floats on the water surface. Any cracked or misaligned can make the fill valve to run continuously and cause toilet leakage.

The Major Risk Of A Running Toilet

Are you constantly hearing different sounds of water like rushing, hissing, and trickling? There might be a chance, that you have a running toilet.

It can happen because one or more parts of the toilet fail to work properly. We can not determine the actual root cause of running the toilet, but in most cases flapper, flush valve, fill valve, or ballcock could be the reason behind it.

Running toilet has a major side effect on your house. We have listed 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t wait to call a plumber for a repair.

1) Risk Of Flooding

If you don’t act quickly, you can not even expect when the running toilet can turn into a flooding toilet.

If you have a septic tank set up, then all those excess water can flood the tank. It can clog your pipes and fail the drain system.

The cost of plumbing for this kind of mishap is much higher than fixing a running toilet.

flooded house bozeman

2) Chance Of Blockages

In the case of running a toilet, the toilet bowl is not able to fill properly. There is a chance, your flush won’t function as expected.

Due to weak flushing, water can not go down in the pipes, this kind of situation will make your bathroom pipe blocked with waste.

A blockage in a pipe can trigger the flooding in your drainage system. If drainage water starts flooding, you will notice an unpleasant smell in your house.

It is better to call a local plumber to fix the issue at the early stage.

3) Increase In The Water Bill

In running the toilet, a lot of water gets wasted. The more time you will take to address this issue, the more you will have to pay for the water bill. 

It’s better to call a professional plumber and examined the situation. This will help you to save money on water expenses.

If you notice you have a running toilet, never try to fix it yourself. We have seen a lot of websites promote the DIY method to fix this issue. 

All those methods and tips will cause more harm than good. Before going problem out of hand call a professional plumber so deals with your running toilet. It will save you time and extra expenses.

Problems Related to Wall-Mounted Toilets?

Wall-mounted toilets give a unique look to your bathroom.

This kind of commode looks elegant and hides the plumbing and working parts. The tank is made of lightweight plastic and styrofoam and set up inside the wall.

Even after all this feature, it has some drawbacks as well.

wall mounted toilet Installation in Bozeman MT

1) Costly Alternative

A wall-mounted toilet gives some excellent look to your modern bathroom, But you have to pay some extra bucks well as compare to standard toilets.

The price range starts from under $200 to up over $3000. Don’t forget the hidden cost attached to it, some toilets just include the bowl without a seat, carrier, or tank.

2) Higher Setup Cost

Setup cost higher for the wall-mounted toilet is higher than the standard one. An only a professional plumber can do the installation of a wall-mounted toilet, it’s not a do-it-yourself project.

If you plan to set up a new wall mounted toilet over standard one, you might have to spend several hundred more.

Right from moving the supply and waste lines or to reconfigure the studs all has some additional cost attached to it. You will end up spending three times more to just switch from an existing floor to a wall-mounted wall.

Different Types Of Toilets and Brands We Can Repair & Install

Our Professional and experienced team can repair and install any type of toilet. Also, our skilled plumbers are capable of resolving any toilet brand-related issues.

If you have any of the following Toilet types or toilet brands present in your house feel free to contact us.

Types Of toilet

Different Toilet Types

  • Flushing Toilet
  • One-Piece Toilet
  • Two-Piece Toilet
  • Upflush Toilet
  • Small Compact Toilets
  • Corner Toilet
  • Wall Mounted Toilet
  • Square Toilet
  • Elongated Toilet
  • Round Bowl Toilet
  • Tankless Toilet
  • Composting Toilet
  • Portable Toilet
  • Pressure- Assisted
  • Toilet
  • Gravity Toilet
  • Touchless Toilet
  • Pull Chain Toilet
  • Dual Flush Toilet
  • Comfort Height
  • Expensive Toilet

Different Toilet Brands

  • American standard
  • Kohler
  • Saniflo
  • Korky
  • Toto
  • Fluidmaster
  • Moen
  • Gerber
  • Eljer
  • Duravit
  • Eago
  • Cotto
  • Saniflo
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sterling
  • Niagara Conservation

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Toilet Repair, Replacement & Installation FAQ’s

After flushing, if you heard any sound like rushing, hissing, and trickling, there is something wrong with your toilet. This happens typically due to some sort of blockage in the sewer line, toilet trap, or in the vent stack.

If the toilet is not flushing all the way, it might be because some parts are not working correctly inside the tank. If you notice something like this then call plumber Bozeman to see the issue.


Yes. Our experienced team can repair and install all types of toilet models and brands.

The cost will depend on the type of issue and the time it will take to repair it. Every toilet issue is different. We provide quality work to our customers at affordable prices

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