Burst & Frozen Pipe Repair and Replacement in Bozeman, MT

Frozen and Burst Pipes are very common problems in Bozeman. 

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Bozeman is a very beautiful city surrounded by rocky mountains in Montana. If we talk about the weather it sometimes goes down below 0 degrees as well. 

Due to the cold weather climate, we always encounter issues related to pipes. 

In cold weather water inside the pipe starts freezing and expanding which leads the pipe to burst. But, there is not only one reason which can burst the pipe. There are some other factors involved which lead to pipes to burst.

Burst Pipe Repair Bozeman MT

Inside the home, pipe burst can be a major problem because water will rush out of the pipe and cause indoor flooding. It can lead to extensive water damage in the home. So all homeowners must check their pipe’s condition throughout the year. It will help to take care of any pipe leaks or noticeable damage that could cause the pipe to burst.

Reasons For Burst Pipe?

One of the biggest reasons for burst pipes is frozen water within the pipes. We have also listed other possible causes of a pipe burst that you should look out for.

1) Old Rusty Pipes

Pipes are also getting older with your house. Eventually, it starts to wear out or rust over.

If old pipes are not replaced at the right time then too much rusting or wear and tear can make the theme vulnerable to bursts. Pipes wear out duration also depends on what type of pipes are, how often they are used, and the condition of water in the pipes.

Most of the old houses’ copper or galvanized steel piping is present. So over the period of time, it is very important to inspect your pipes and replace the weak or rusty ones. If you noticed any such kind of issue, then immediately call a local professional plumber.

2) The Flow Of Hard Water

Different kinds of minerals make the water hard. The high content of magnesium and calcium is one of them.

These kinds of minerals are not harmful to human consumption but they can hamper the pipes.

Over some time, calcium and magnesium start storing within the pipes and block the water flow. Which leads to slow water flow from your faucets.

All these minerals start corroding the pipes. If corroded pipe issues have unaddressed for a longer period of time, then it causes holes that allow the water to flow out.

Leaking Pipe Repair Bozeman MT

3) Improper Pipe Fitting & Bad Installation

The poorly soldered or fitted connection between pipes also leads a pipe to leak.

If plumbing work is not properly done at the time of installation, it can create a bigger problem for you.

If you notice a problem in the connection of your pipes, call a professional plumber to fix before it leads to burst pipes.

4) Growth Of Tree Roots

Another unnoticed reason for water pipe bursting is tree root encroachment. If a lot of trees are present around your house, tree roots can cause damage to underground pipes.

As trees grow larger and larger, their roots go deep inside the soil. In some cases, if a pipeline is set up near to the tree area then it can break the pipes.

5) Soil Shifting

Soil shifting around the house can also lead to pipes to burst. Any kind of construction in the surrounding place can make pipes to disconnect.

It is very important to identify the area where pipes are set up and make sure we don’t hamper the existing pipeline. You can ask the construction crew to be mindful of where it’s distributing soil.

By Proper dumping display dirt, the crew might be able to save your pipes from any undue strain.

Different Signs Of Worn Out Pipes

If pipes have worn out and are weak, it will lose the ability to withstand the pressure from the water. These signs will help you to identify if you have worn out or leaking pipes.

1) Low Speed Of Water Flow

There are different factors involved in a drop within water pressure. But one of the main reasons is mineral build-ups from hard water, it starts depositing inside the pipes.

It will create a problem for water flow and a drop in your water pressure. Immediately call a professional plumber and repair the pipes, before they start leaking.

2) Chang In Water Color

If the pipes are rusty then you will notice water color has changed to yellow or brown. 

If you notice a change in watercolor from the faucet, it must replace it. Otherwise, it will lead to pipes to leak.

The Bad Effect Of Burst Pipe

There are enormous reasons why you should avoid burst pipes. If it is not repaired and fixed at the right time, it can destroy your entire home.

Three major effects you will see with burst pipes are mold growth, damage to the house structure, and appliances in your house.

1) Growth of Dangerous Mold and Mildew

Water leak from burst pipes can create damping spots, it is an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew.

It harms the health of older people and children because of a weak immune system. Mold causes different kinds of illnesses and diseases.


2) Damage To The House Structure

Water can ruin the structural integrity of the wood. Burst pipes can create water flood into your house.

It can damage everything from your doors to your doorways and wooden furniture. Also, frames of the home can be wrapped and misshapen.

As we all know, water damage restoration costs are much higher than the plumbing. So these kinds of situations need to be fixed as early as possible.

flooded house bozeman

3) Damage To Home Appliances

We all know, water can destroy your home appliances very easily.

Most of the electronics can not be repaired if it is damaged by water. That means most of your electronic stuff can be irreparable and you have to buy the new one.

It will increase the cost of restoration after water damage.

Can I Fix A Burst & Frozen Pipe?

Repairing a burst pipe is not a simple task, especially if you have never done it before. Well, you can try to do it, but we will highly recommend taking guidance from an experienced plumber.

A professional and certified plumber will have all the knowledge, experience, and resources. He will properly patch up or replace a damaged water pipe. Fixing the issues from an experienced plumber can assure that your pipes are operating at their optimal level.

Frozen Pipe Repair bozeman MT

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Burst & Frozen Pipe Repair FAQ’s

There is no exact fix time we can say to repair a burst pipe. Every leak is different, So the time needed to repair one can only be determined upon inspecting it. Repair time is also dependent on a few other factors

  1. How much in deep pipes installed
  2. Type of ground and how much effort is needed to dig it.
  3. Tools required for digging purposes.
  4. Labor needed to complete the job.
  5. It should take 3 hours in case not too much work is required.

We have to see what the situation is in your home before we can provide a quote. This is because plumbing can be very different in different homes. We always provide excellent plumbing service at affordable prices, So you do not need to worry about the cost

Yes, Our professional team is capable of doing all kinds of plumbing work including frozen pipe repair.

If the ground is frozen solid against the exterior wall and your basement is not insulated. It can take up to 12 hours or more to unthaw exterior wall pipes.

Yes. Anyone we send to your home is fully insured, registered with the Province of Montana, and fully qualified to work on your home.

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