Boiler & Water Heater Repair & Installation in Bozeman, MT


Modern water heaters come with a lot of features. To use water heaters for a long period repair and regular maintenance are required.

There are various types of water heater and each comes with some benefits and problems.

Gas and Electric water heaters are the most popular ones and present in most of the houses. We have listed all the common problems associated with different water heaters.

And if you notice any of them, call our professional plumber to inspect it. Our trained and skilled technician can quickly identify the issue and fix it.

Problems With Water Heater

1) Water Leaking From The Top / Bottom

The water heater can leak from the top or bottom. It is a common problem with electric and gas water heaters.

In a gas or electric water heater, a top leak can be caused by loose-fitting of the hot outlet or cold inlet pipes.

Sometimes T&P valve may have failed or the inlet valve may be leaking. If we talk about the bottom leaking, it can happen because of normal condensation.

A small amount of water can come out from overflow pipes. In some cases, it has observed that the actual tank is leaking and the only solution for this is to replace the water tank.


2) No Hot Water from Heater

The electric water heater has two heating elements that help it to heat the water.

No hot water common reason could be the circuit breaker has tripped. If that is not the case then, heating elements are failed to function properly, if that is so you can replace it.

You can also replace a faulty thermostat, for fixing no hot water problem.

In a gas water heater, you can check the gas flow and pilot light it on. If the proper gas flow is present then, the thermocouple may not be functioning properly.

It may be not sensing the pilot light is on, and does not ignite the gas. You can replace the thermocouple, in case it is not working properly

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3) Not Enough Water

If you are not getting enough hot water from your electric or gas water heater, it could be a problem with your thermostat.

You can increase the temperature on the thermostat and it will produce hot water.

A faulty thermostat, faulty element, and loose wiring can not heat the water inside the heater. You can replace the faulty thermostat to get enough hot water.

4) Water Is Too Hot

If your thermostat temperature is set too high then it can produce hot water. If you can’t adjust the thermostat temperature, there is a chance it could be faulty.

Replacing the faulty thermostat is the only option to control your water temperature.

5) Weird Noise From The Water Heater

If too many sediments are built up inside the bottom of the tank, any kind of leak, too much pressure inside the tank. All these reasons are responsible for the weird noise from the water heater.

If you hear hissing, banging, popping, or other different noise from your water heater then it’s better to inspect it from a professional plumber.

6) Discolored Water

The corroded pipe rod or tank will make watercolor rusty. If any kind of sediments is present inside the water tank can produce dirty water.

You can replace the rusty anode rod or clean water tank to avoid discolored water from the water heater.

7) Smelly Hot Water

Over time bacteria build up inside the tank. Increasing the thermostat temperature up to 140 degrees should kill the bacteria. If still, the smell is coming from hot water then, it’s better to clean the water tank with chlorine bleach. Corroded anode rod replacing will also fix the issue.

If you face any of the above issues with your water heater, call plumbers Bozeman to inspect the issue. Our boiler & water heater specialist will identify the problem and provide the right solution for it.

Different Type Of Water Heaters We Repair & Install

1) Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

It is the most common type and affordable water heater that is present in most houses. It comes with a small tank that holds water to be heated.

Also, it has two different valves for controlling temperature and pressure. Because of the small tank, it is perfect for small families. If you require a lot of hot water for your daily need, then a small tank may not be sufficient for you also you can run out of hot water.

This kind of water tank has a lifespan of around 12 years. So some kind of maintenance is required like cleaning the water tank twice a year. Removing sediment and mineral will prevent the water tank from corrosion.

2) Tankless Water Heater (On-Demand Water heater)

The tankless water heater comes with a lot of modern features and provides endless hot water for your home. It is perfect for mid and large size families.

As per the name suggest it doesn’t come with a tank instead it has superheated coils that fill with water and heat water in a flash. This feature makes it an on-demand water heater. The tankless water heater comes in different sizes, and you have set it up according to your family size.

We will help you to set up the right water heater size for your needs. You can also use natural gas or electricity to power up the water heater. Even if it is a tankless water heater, yearly cleaning is required to increase the lifespan. You can use a tankless water heater for approximately 8-10 years.

The great thing about a tankless water heater is a very energy efficient, and on-demand water heating element.

3) Solar Powered Water Heater

In case you already have the solar panel installed, then a solar water heater is perfect for you. It is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective water heater.

It uses solar energy to heat the water. It will work well in a sunny and warm climate. However, if you are living in cold places then a backup plan would be required.

You can also use electricity or natural gas to run a water heater in a cold climate. It comes with a tank so regular cleaning is required to prevent it from corrosion.

The solar-powered heaters are expensive but at the same time, you are also saving your money on electricity.


4) Condensing Water Heater

If your house uses natural gas as your primary energy source then, a condensing water heater is the best option for you. It uses unused gas fumes to heat your water.

It comes with a tank, natural gas fumes funnel through a coil placed at the bottom of the tank to heat the water.

While installing a condensation water heater, the water tank should be big enough according to your family size. Our team will help you to set up the perfect size of the water tank according to your needs.

You may need to clean the water tank once or twice a year to increase the water heater lifespan.
Because it uses natural gas to heat the water, gas import valves need to be clean every year.

When To Install/Replace Water Heater

There are a few factors that will help you to determine if you need to replace your water heater or not. Some water heater issues can be resolved by repairing and some need replacement.

1) Out Of warranty

On average different water heater types provide 8-12 years of warranty. If that warranty is expired then you have to pay every time for any kind of damages.

In case you have an old and traditional water heater is set up that is outdated in the current situation.

Outdated water heaters don’t work so efficiently and cost you a lot of money on repair and maintenance. It’s better to replace it with a new water heater.

2) The water Heater Is Leaking

If you notice any leak from the water heater then, you should call a professional plumber to fix it. Sometimes it is very difficult to identify the leak. Also before fixing the leak it has already damaged your property.

Even after fixing the leak by a plumber, again it starts leaking after a few months or days. Then you need to think of replacing the water heater.

3) The Issue With The Heating Elements

There are various types of water heaters present and each has a different heating system. If you are experiencing running out of hot water, no hot water, the heater takes too long to heat water and pressure is very low.

Then maybe issue with the internal heating system. Repairing a company fitted heating system can cost you a lot of money.

Instead of paying a hefty amount for repair, it’s better to replace or install a new water heater.

In case your water heater warranty is expired and you need to call a plumber to repair your water heater frequently.

Then, Instead of investing a heavy amount for repair and maintenance of the water heater, it’s always better to replace it with a new one. Also in some cases, the repair is not possible and replacement is the only option.

Replaceable parts in water heaters are Burner assembly, heating elements, valves, thermostats, thermocouples, igniters, and motors.

Installation of the water heater and the boiler is a big task. A skilled and experienced plumber can do the job perfectly. We provide a Water heater repair services in Bozeman. Our professional plumber can install or replace any type of water heater.

Our expert plumber is specialized in water heater repair, replacement & installation in Bozeman, MT. 

Call one of our professional plumbers right away if you notice any kind of leak from a pipe. A certified and licensed plumber has all the tools and knowledge to inspect your pipes.

Contact Plumbers Bozeman to fix any kind of plumbing related issues.


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Water Heater Repair & Installation FAQ’s

It varies from different brands and models. But most cases inner tank warranty is 5-10 years. The Heating element warranty is 2-3 years.

Water heater selection varies from daily use and family counts. If only 1-2 people are going to use for the bathroom, then 6 ltr or more will be sufficient. In cold places, you can setup 15 ltr or more. By considering 3-4 people minimum use, you can set up 15 ltr to 25 ltr water heater. If peoples are more and they use hot water for all things then you can set up 50 ltr or more water heater.

It is because of Overtime sediments that are buildup inside the water tank. If those are not removed or clean at a regular interval then it can create a barrier for heating elements and as a result, you don’t get the expected hot water. Sometimes there can be a problem with heater elements as well. Our expert will inspect the water heater condition and repair it.

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